How do I attach my HearBudz to my earbuds?

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What are HearBudz?

HearBudz is the only accessory that upgrades standard earbuds/headphones into the most versatile earbuds/headphones you will ever own.  They are simple attachments that allow you to use your earbuds in 2 different performance modes


I run on trails and rough terrain.  Will HearBudz hold my earbuds in place while doing high impact activities?

Absolutley!   HearBudz were designed to provide a secure, comfortable fit for everyone. Whether you're an endurance athlete training for Ironman or a college student jamming to some tunes while you write an essay, HearBudz allows you to tailor fit your music listening experience to your needs.



I have small ears.  Will HearBudz fit me?

At HearBudz we understand that ears are as unique as finger prints. We kept that in mind during the research and development process. The final result is a fully adjustable streamline design for all shapes and sizes of ears.

What brand or type of earbuds do HearBudz work with?

HearBudz work with many headphone brands such as Apple, Skullcandy, Sony, and JVC to name a few. As long as the earbuds have the correct diameter stem for attachment, HearBudz will fit.

Frequently Asked Questions



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