Phoenix area entrepreneurs create a simple but innovative product to help users make the most out of their Apple earbuds/headphones.

When listening to music with the HearBudz, the sounds aren't blaring, explains MacDonald, but instead it's more like listening to background music.... the HearBudz clip is completely adjustable, comfortable, and stays in place.  It's ideal for athletes, especially those who run or ride on busy streets. Read More...

Michelle Talsma Everson, Photo by Bill Nash 

You Heard Right

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A great deal of testing was performed on this new product.  It was found that while performing activities such as walking, running, jogging, bicycling, exercising, working out, weight training, skating, skiing, yoga, and just about anything you can think of, these were a major improvement in safety and comfort.  They stay in place for long periods of time without falling out, which happens to be one of the main complaints with the standard Apple earbuds/headphones. Read More...

By: Scott MacDonald

HearBudz launches new product that offers simple solutions to problems facing normal earbuds/headphones.