Why HearBudz Are Considered The Best Earbuds Accessory For Anyone That Takes Their Music With Them on The Go...

​Don't buy another separate set of earbuds or headphones, just because you want to mix music with your activities.  Instead, upgrade your current Apple earbuds into the most versatile set of earbuds you'll ever need with HearBudz.

​Over the last 2 years, global sales of earbuds and headphones topped 10 Billion dollars.  Most of the people buying these products are trying to solve at least one of these 3 common problems:

     1)  They're not comfortable

     2)  They fall out too easy

     3)  They isolate you from your surroundings, which is dangerous while you're doing  


A lot of companies have tried to solve these problems separately, but no one has been able to solve all 3 problems with one product until now...  


It's a simple attachment that gives regular earbuds/headphones the versatility of being worn in 2 different positions, which we call Performance Modes.  Each mode offers you a different listening experience, tailored to your specific activity.  Using HearBudz will truly bring music to your ears.

In Sport Mode, the speaker is held in your ear canal comfortably by wrapping around your ear.  This is great for people who like to listen to music while doing light activities.

The second position, which we call Aware Mode, moves the speaker from inside the ear canal to just outside of it, which allows you to hear ambient noise along with your music.  The reason this is so important, is because lots of accidents happen when people are listening to music with earbuds/headphones and they're tuned out of their surroundings.

​Mode 1. Sport


Most sport headphones are generically sized and do not comfortably stay in place for extended periods of time. With Sport mode the speaker is held in place by wrapping over and around your ear.  The design makes it fully adjustable for maximum comfort.  This position is great for people who like to listen to music while performing light activities. Read more...

​Mode 2. Aware


When you have your traditional earbuds in, and your music turned up, you can't hear your surroundings, which can be dangerous.  Aware mode allows you to hear your music and the world around you at the same time. This mode is much safer for activities such as running, bicycling, skiing,etc. Read more...